The Yoruba General Assembly President General , Jagunmolu Oluwatosin Tomori Willoughby in strong terms has declared the noble Assembly's unflinching supports for the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof.Yemi Osunbajo.

 Jagunmolu Oluwatosin Willoughby made this known while fielding questions with journalists after the crucial sitting of the Assembly Members on Sunday in Abuja.

He further stated that " the constitution of this first largest and the first ever growing  Social Cultural gathering of Yoruba People in Nigeria and in the Diaspora in Article 3: Section  4 clearly mandates the Assembly to propagate, uphold and defend the interest of all members and to recognize and support the entire Yoruba Traditional Institution."

" Prof Yemi Oshinbajo is a Yoruba front liner, a great legendary leader both in politics, Law, in the God's mission  and of course, he is our highly  esteemed Omo Yoruba Atata whose interest and love for his tribe supersedes his personal feelings. We will stand by him even before his adversaries and political detractors."

Jagunmolu OluwatosinTomori Willoughby subtly reiterated the focus of the Assembly on its people oriented Ten Cardinal Agenda that has started touching lives of the people.

Yoruba General Assembly as the most recently registered ONLY ACCEPTABLE VOICE of the Yoruba Race in Nigeria and in the Diaspora has almost Four million and Fifty Thousand members presently in Nigeria and in the Diaspora that are highly determined to the repositioning of Yoruba Race globally.

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