CP Reveals The Secret Behind The Success Of Security During Christmas Celebration.

The commissioner of police has reveal the secret behind  the success of security during the 2019 Christmas celebration.CP olukolu made this known  a media chat with oduduwawatch correspondent in his office,he said that view days to the Christmas celebration we had IGP conference in Abuja where IG charges all the commissioners of police and other to go back to their respective state to ensure they have a very peaceful celebration. with usual professional method,strategies of combating crime,like for instant constant patrol of the environment,strategic placement of police officers  both vehicular and through patrol and tacticular operational point including race of criminal hideout and black sport,as well as ensuring that we source for information's to ensure we are ahead of the criminals in terms of their operations. This are part of the strategies we put in place and this was seriously complimented by the effort of the state government,when they give the command 66 Rio cars to ensure that the command is able to move around,the turn around time of combating crime has reduced and also criminality has reduced drastically. The provision of communicable gadget has enable us also to real times talk to our officers on ground for instant,when i talk from here the man in Igbeti is going to pick up,the man in Saki will read what am saying and they can respond immediately. All this vehicle were also fixed with communicable gadget so each time a directive and instruction is passed out each of this vehicle will also pick up and then we have a way of ensuring that when something is happening in an environment the numbers of vehicle around that place in addition to what the DPO and Area commanders are doing they will all quickly react to such situations and be able to stand the tired and the criminals are also saying that the police has almost cover the whole places and i see that as a kudos to the Nigerian police force particularly the Oyo state police command. And then i want to assure the Oyo state people that we promise to do more in the coming year 2020 and the be rest assured.CP Shina Olukolu urges the people of Oyo state to cooperate with the police and give credible informations to enable them deals with the criminal in our midst,now to the criminal they see oyo state as no go area.he  also give an applauded to Engnr Seyi Makinde the Executive Governor of oyo state for seen Security as a pillar of his Administration. CP noted.

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