#ENDSARS:Buhari's Speech Lack Empathy-Usman Ibrahim

A former presidential aspirant in the 2019 general election, Usman Ibrahim Alhaji has berated President Muhammadu Buhari nationwide speech saying it lacks empathy as he failed to sympathize with Lekki Tollgate  killings in Lagos, Nigeria. 

He stated this in a telephone chat with the Oduduwa Correspondent, frowning at the killings of the unarmed protesters by Nigerian army.

It could be recalled that some Nigerians youth were protesting against the wanton killings and police brutality especially by the officers of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). 

" The youths have right under the constitution to protest peacefully against the brutalisation and killings by Nigerians police. Based on this genuine demand for the scrapping of SARS and protest, it is unfortunate that some miscreants and thugs hijacked the protest which led to killings and destruction of both the government and private properties".

He further said that the youths refusal to leave the street after government disbanded SARS was due to lack of trust in the government who on many occasions promised and reneged in its promises. 

" The protesting youths have no trust in the government considering the manner SARS was scrapped and SWAT was announced as replacement. 

Uthman noted that the hoodlums who hijacked and attacked the protesters have interior motives and probably have sponsored to distraught the protesters from airing their grievances against the authority. 

While asking the protesters to calm down, he said the present crop of leaders in the country have failed the people saying this was not the Nigeria the country's forefathers fought for and also not a Nigeria of our dream. 

He said the 12 minutes nationwide broadcast of the president fall short of expectations of many Nigerians who expect President Buhari as a father of the nation to show empathy and be sympathetic with the massacre youths at the Lekki Tollgate but the speech did not mentioned the killings let alone showing concern.

" He never condole people that loss their children as a father; how would he feels if he loss any of his children? He ought to tell them that his government will set up investigative panel to look into the killings, say sorry to the neglected youths but Mr President never deem it fit to show sympathy, it is rather unfortunate ".

He said the demands of the youths were limited to Endsars and police brutality saying they ought to have advanced and talked about an end to the  killings and insecurity in the Northern Part of the country which has become a recurrent decimal.

He called for the urgent restructuring of the security architecture of the country adding that any responsible and sincere government will look at the possibility of restructuring going by the high rate of insecurity in Nigeria. 

Usman urged the youth to be strong, committed to the struggle of a better Nigeria and be focused in order to take over the leadership of the country from the expired politicians and bring the desire leadership to the country.

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