2023: Nigerians Are Waiting for PDP to Return to Power - Hon Muritala

The Publicity Secretary of the People's Democratic Party in Gombe State, Hon Muritala Usman has stated that, Nigerians are waiting for PDP to return to power come 2023 general elections, saying the people can't continue the pains inflicted by the APC led government any longer.

He made this disclosure while chatting with Newsmen at the Party Secretariat in Gombe.

Hon Muritala said the fold of the PDP is swelling every day because people believe the best alternative to the sinking APC is the People's Democratic Party.

" People are joining PDP on daily basis because they have discovered that APC is a party of deceit at all levels. The infrastructure development we enjoyed in Gombe today was brought to the state under PDP led government".

The Publicity Secretary noted that, the only party that can salvage the country from poverty, mis-govenance of the ruling APC is the People's Democratic Party. " A lot of people are tropping to our party to either support or contest for political offices; as it stands today, PDP is the beautiful bride".

He said the leadership of the party is working towards uniting every members with promise of conducting free, fair and credible primaries, noting that, once there is unity in the party, the days of APC led government are number at all levels. 

Hon Muritala further reiterated that, the party need a unifier who is so passionate about Nigerians and capable of reforming and fixing the country's many challenges created by the incumbent administration.

His words: " For us to get it right, the party leadership must shun sentiment, ethnicity or religion consideration must be jettisoned while picking our presidential candidate. What Nigerians need at this time is somebody who will unite the country, somebody with solutions to insecurity, comatose economy, infrastructure decay among others because APC government has divided Nigeria along ethnicity lines".

He commended the National Body of the party for throwing open the presidential ticket to every interested members of the party, adding that, equal opportunity will further unite the party rather than zoning it to a particular region. 

Meanwhile, Hon Muritala described the state chairman of the party in Gombe as a man of impeccable characters, highly cerebral, and active politician that has restored back the lost glory of PDP in the state. 

"My Chairman is a problem fixers who has solution to every political challenges. His leadership is all inclusive and passionate about uniting every members. His zeal, passion, energy, experience are second to none. As a retired Army General, if I am to assess him politically, he is a Field Marshal in politics".

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