Guber Election: Ibadan Council of Baales backs Makinde For Second Term.

All members  of  the Ibadan Council of Baales, Mogajis and prominent Obas of Oyo State have decided to back the second term agenda of Gov. Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde the same way they backed TINUBU'S  emergence as the Presidential candidate to be at Aso Rock

The Compendium  with about 40.000   Tinubu'S supporter addresses was  signed and  presented  to him  through his  daughter  at  Ilaji Resorts in Ibadan

The Chairman of all Baales in Ibadan  Elder Dr Taiye Ayorinde made the declaration and presentation in the presence  of thousands of people including  some  Obas .Baales. Mogajis  and supporters 

The Compendium  which was compiled for the presentation by Baale Aroro  who is a surveyor and Geography school teacher

This time around  at de same ILAJI RESORTS all Baales Mogajis  and prominent  obas of Oyo state have backed the second term of Governr Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde

I as the  Chairman of all Baales in Ibadan  have no choice than to once again say  Congratulations  to a man of vision  Engr Chief Dr Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde

 Oba Oladiran a vissionary traditional ruler also put his stamp of authority on Seyi Makinde's second term nomination 

 Seyi Makinde Should be voted in to finish the unfished beautifully planned jobs he started 

  I have been installed as Baale for the past 29 Years

 I have decide to emulate Baale like super brilliant patriotic man like Baale Akande the Erudite local judge with Native intelligent another Oba Ashanke.

 He was the father of a legal luminary late chief Debo Akande SAN

Gov Makinde is blessed  with knowledge  and understanding  of the people  of Oyo state

He is a man who should   not be Impeded  from being re-elected

Ape koto re ti ni omi ninu  ki ojo koto ro

On his entry into Oyo State politics  he declared  his assets being an oil and gas  magnate

Seyi Makinde is the patriotic man who was bent  on equitable distribution  of powers  in this contraptions  called Nigeria 

All the Zones of Nigeria need to have a sense of  belonging 

 That is tge main cause of Agitations for Yoruba Nation etc

Not finding one sector of Nigeria subjugating  the other

If Atiku can not abide by the spirit  of equitable  distribution of  powers between  the Northern  and the Southern part of Nigeria then he should take what ever comes his way 

 He who goes to equity must go with clean hands 

As the chairman of Yoruba world Assembly i back Seyi Makinde to be Elected on Saturday as the Governor of State 

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