GUBER ELETION :Benue Politician Expresses Optimism

The Deputy  Governorship candidate of APC in BENUE State Dr Sam Odeh has expressed optimism and joy over the conduct of Saturday Governorship and House of Assembly Election , speaking with the Journalists after he cast his vote the astuate poltiician  was happy for the entrenchment of  the Democracy in Nigeria and now going to almost Twenty five year of Democratic Governance in Benue and the Nation at large.
He maintained that citizens of the State ought to enjoy the devidends of Democracy particularly welfare which encombered stomach infractruture and others benefits. 
He cited himself as a good case study and an example as  a beneificiary from the State.     
It is on this premuse he hope the people of BENUE wil get a better feel if his Party and his master the able reverend Father Alia Hycent  is given the benefit to rule. 
Commenting further on the deepining of Democracy in Nigeria the Deputy Governorship candidate was encouraged by the Electoral Act law and aftermath Reform which additional strengthening the Nation Democratic values.

 Blessing Onuh a Woman of Exceptional passion and rare value 

There is an adage that says "What a man can do a woman can do better" this assertion may be true here where a woman is making wave among her peer particularly men folks. 
This is the very picture of  this noble woman  who is  re-elected as an House of Representative member representing Otukpo/Ohimili federal Constituency  of Benue State. 
While speaking with  honorable, Chief Mrs Blessing Onuh  after she demonstraded her franchise as a senior Citizens of Nigeria by voting the Candidate of her choice in the Saturday guber election the member of National Assembly  said that she is suprise with what she heard about the low turn out of the electorates, she assumed  that the reason might be the economic heardship that Nigeria are passing through by not having transport to their various polling Unit or the rain that fell made some of the people go to farm, she pleaded  and urge the electorates  to be calm that Nigeria will be better soon.

While speaking further Hon Blessing voiced out her mind specially,  the character that propelled her for this noble outing . She was a woman with an exceptional passion and compassion for her people most expecially at the grassroot level she said. A mobiliser, a goal setter and lover of all in her community, she was born bred and grew up among her people. No doubt added great advantages to her excelling politically and leading unparalle. Hon Blessing Onuh a re-elected member federal house of Assembly  promised to contribute more meaningfully to what we impact and be a benefit her people in tge coming 10th Assembly .

 The local observer  rated election outing poor,  Rev. Father Emmanuel Ejeh Esq who is the coordinatior for justice Development and peace commission , Catholic Dioces of Otukpo Benue state  said the governorship and House of assembly election is very poor  compared to the general election that took place on 25-2-2023. said the reasons might be by the expectation of the majority that were cut short during presidential election  and others to the fact that many couldn't travel to their place of voting.

However Rev.father  bear his mind on cogent reasons why the outing was poor emphasized that the inpathy  on the part of the Electorate might be attributed primarily to daze hope of the people per the result, financial and poor performance of INEC  among others.

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