Niger state Governor takes Oaths of Office, a man of the people.

The newly elected Governor of Niger state was today sworn in as the Executive Governor of the State. The ceremony which attracted an overwhelming crowd was a testimony to his acceptability by the people, Oduduwawatch News in an interactive session with a key player in the transition and Inuagural ceremony confessed to this fact. 

He particularly commended the security situation in the venue as an excellent and that all went smoothly as planned , he said but local and within the State capital environ were calling to come, just to witness the inaugural ceremony. He expressed optimism that His Government will surely deliver considering his background and his command of a large followers.  He therefore enjoined all and sundry to cooperate with him  as he settle down and face the tasks of governance.

Dr Gideon Chidiebere Osi, the Chairman and CEO Gosima Group speaks on the four keys cardinal area of Dr Bago focus.

Having taken the Oath of office , the Governor in his Inuguration speech pinpoint four major area of his cardinal focus by his administration thus; Security, Agriculture,  infrastructural and Human Capital development.   It is on this four agendas the CEO of Gosima Group bears his mind and expressed optimism that the Governor will deliver and that all Nigerlite will enjoy the new Government collectively..
 He believe in him , his ability and he advices him to look inward particularly the Civil servants in the state and sue for the cooperation of all for the Governor to succeed. 

 Dr Muhammed Kudu Santuraki, charges the new  Governor on good governance.

The Niger State Gubernatorial Inauguration Committee Chairman in person of Dr. Muhammed Kudu Santuraki said he thank God for the success recorded both before, during and after the inaugural ceremony of Hon Muhammed Bago as the Executive Governor of Niger state. 
The Chairman speaking to newsmen precisely Oduduwawatch x-ray all the activities that has been lines up a seven days event with over three million follower on line. He then said the whole ceremony will be ending by Sunday with a Thanksgiving services in the Church just as a Jumat prayer was done on Friday. 
Dr Kudu Santuraki being the Chairman of the Inuguration Committee said having a man like Hon Bago as the Executive Governor is a great privilege and a rare luck considering his wealth of experiences and calibre of person he is. He advices the Governor to always seek for Elders counsel in a matter of State affairs inorder for him to succeed. 
" Governance in a developing World is not an easy task but with the people support and all hand on deck the new Administration will surely succeed"  He further opined that the yearning of the people in term of good road, portable water and constant power are the core desire and aspiration of all. He therefore believe the Governor will perform well and better.

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